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Traditional Ninja Costume Set

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Product Description

This costume is a classic reproduction of the Shinobi Shozuki found in Iga province (most notably worn by the Iga Clan). If you were looking for the real look of the traditional ninja from days of old this is the one you want. Not your typical costume – it can be worn over and over again without worry of wearing it out. It is manufactyured of an easy to care for poly cotton material. If you want to keep the shine on the costume do not wash it when you first get it – however most ninja do not want to stand out so they will wash it. The shine is from the starch that is added to keep it from wrinkling when shipping but will wash away in the first wash.

This costume includes these items:

  • The ninja jacket with the hidden pocket
  • Forearm gauntlets with finger loop to cover the top of the hand
  • Traditional double tie wrap around waist
  • Tie downs on pant legs
  • Black hood and pull over mask

You can add these accessories to complete your look:

  • Tabi boots
  • Tabi Socks
  • Ninja Wood Boken Sword


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