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Ninja Tabi Boots

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Product Description

The ninja boots also known as tabi boots are distinctively created with a thick upper portion manufactured from canvas material for extra support.

The actual sole is constructed of rubber making use of the Ninjitsu trademark split toe style and in addition feature reinforced stitching.

This specific innovative style along with the careful choice of materials helps boost the shoes’ general grip.

The innovative style additionally offers this shoe its gentle footing – no noise emitted feature making it possible for noise-less running or walking.

These shoes also have a hook/loop closing style at the back.

Consumers planning to purchase these Ninja boots are advised that these types of shoes are actually manufactured to fit very tightly so for a much more comfortable fit you should think about getting one size larger than you usually buy.

The general feel of the Ninja boot is extremely light, impressive looking and can make things such as climbing a stroll in the park.

Tabi boots are actually best when used with Tabi socks. These are similarly made featuring elastic one size fits most.

Ninja shoes/Tabi boots’ features are:

  • -Rubber sole for enhanced grip
  • -Velcro closure along the back of the boots
  • – Distinctive split toe style
  • – Heavy canvas