Ninja Costumes

The place to find a real Ninja costume set for kids and adults

No fake costumes here. Our ninja costumes are designed after the authentic replicas that the ancient Koga and Iga ninja used. Beginning with our classic Shinobi Shozoku, the traditional Ninja uniform. We also carry the hi top split toe ninja tabi boots with rubber sole for quite walking.

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Ninja Clothing consists of a Ninja Mask, Hood to hide the face, an outfit to cover the body and Ninja boots. These things would serve 3 goals: to offer flexibility of motion, as a method to conceal ones identity and to blend into the surroundings so you could stealthily infiltrate an area, and also to store various sorts of tools. When dressed in a Ninja Suit, your entire body will be covered apart from your eyes and hands.

Clothing is typically available in both White and black, however they can even be purchased in additional colors at our site as well. The mask has 2 components, the mask plus the hood. The mask pulls over the face while the hood has a tie you tie around your neck.

The traditional outfit that we sell here on our site will consist of – suit pants with ties at the ankles, knees and a wrap around waist tie. The jacket will cover your upper body and will come complete with gauntlets which will cover your forearms. The traditional uniforms also has a hidden inside pocket, where one can keep tools like the shuriken, darts or small tools.

Our traditional ninja costume is manufactured from a medium weight poly/cotton material. This will make the uniform feel light, and enables you to move unhampered.

More about the ninja and their history:  Ninjutsu, a martial art style that originated in feudal Japan is probably one of the most secretive of all martial art styles. While much is known about the style, its history remains shrouded in mystery. The background that is known is credited to old documents and journals in which the Koga area clans are credited with creating this enigmatic system.

Throughout the history of this art, we believe that over seventy clans or Ryu existed, unfortunately most of those have become extinct and faded in obscurity.

Most people associate this martial art style with the Ninja, a secretive warrior that trained in difficult and challenging skills.

Pop culture helped propel the art of Ninjutsu into stratospheric proportions in the 1980’s and thus the Ninja craze began. And while the popularity has waned over the years many are still fascinated with this highly secretive art.

Technically Ninjutsu does not refer to a specific fighting style of martial art, but refers to varying skills sets that each Ryu or Clan trained in and perfected.

Training in Ninjutsu entails both armed and unarmed skills. Weapons training is the most popular of course with many different types of Ninja weapons that have been reproduced over the centuries to allow people to obtain the most historically accurate training. Stealth and the use of one’s body correctly is also a highly developed skill set that the Ninjutsu art is well known for.